Due to drought: a village in France forbids brushing teeth with water – News from abroad

These are drastic measures!

Due to the continuing drought, strict rules now apply in the southern French village: brushing teeth and tapping is currently banned in Villars-sur-Var in northern Nice, as announced by the municipality on Tuesday. Tap water should not be used for cooking, he said. Due to the drought, not enough water comes from the spring, which supplies the city with 760 inhabitants with drinking water.

No pool, no lawn sprinkling

So far, each resident will receive two bottles of drinking water a day from the town hall. The responsible water company has already found a new supply point. However, the water quality study is not yet complete, he said. At the end of May, the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture had already allocated water for rations. Car washing, filling private pools and watering lawns have since been banned in the department, which includes Nice and the Côte d’Azur.

The heat wave that swept through France last week has now subsided. It was the first hot season in France since the beginning of weather records. This has been exacerbated by the drought that has persisted in some parts of the country since the winter and spring droughts.

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