Did Corona weaken our immune system in general?

  • are current more people sick than usual
  • Our immune system did not deteriorate during the pandemic
  • Yet we are currently more vulnerable

Although some diseases have become rarer during a coronary pandemic, many people feel that they are becoming increasingly ill today. Did Corona put our immune system into practice?

Has our immune system weakened due to anti-pandemic measures and the pandemic itself?

Infection protection, travel restrictions, compulsory veils and working from home have been part of everyday life in many areas in recent years. However, the measures have relaxed rapidly in recent months and we are getting together with the people. It also ensures Cold and flu viruses are spreading more often again. The cough and runny nose can then quickly appear unknown.

But what about the so much pronounced suspicion that The immune system has been weakened by a pandemic or coronavirus measures become? †The immune system is not a muscle: it does not subside when it is not used or when it is used less“, Says Carsten Watzl, Secretary General of the German Society for Immunology.

The immune system has been saving a little in recent years, but it still had enough. Watzl explains Pathogens can enter the body not only through the respiratory tract, but also through the skin or food and activate the immune system.

Are there more people sick now than before the coronavirus pandemic?

Die The number of respiratory diseases is currently at a higher level than before the pandemic. It is currently being investigated whether this may be related to the omission of the mask request. You get some viruses regularly every two to three years and because protection measures have been exceptionally strong since 2020, they are now being used by more people.

It seems that children in particular are currently catching up with the common cold. Crèche closures and protective measures mainly affect young children have not yet come into contact with some pathogens, which is the case even now. Primarily Respiratory syncytial viral infections (RSV) in one- to four-year-olds led to an increased number of hospitalizations according to the RKI.

Given that droplets and aerosols can again be transmitted between humans without hindrance, infections persist for some time. From October, when the flu epidemic breaks out, it will be exciting. At present, it is not possible to predict how this will turn out.

Are we all sick now?

While many diseases actually became rarer during the coronavirus pandemic Examples are tuberculosis, hepatitis E and respiratory diseases, which occurred about a third less frequently, with more and more people now suffering from others.

For example Influenza viruses in children have been on the rise since Easter, in fact, at a time when this season is coming to an end. As already mentioned, the number of respiratory diseases is also increasing. However, The situation is not as bad as three years before the pandemic: They were dominated by a flu epidemic.

Die The waves of disease seem to be lagging behind at this time. Our body is still ready for this and did not forget anything during the pandemic. Anti-influenza antibodies also did not decrease during this period.

How can you strengthen your own immune system?

Above all, it can be your immune system and defenses reinforced with fresh fruits and vegetables. Important vitamins and minerals are supplied to the body and it can fight viruses well. You should too drink a lot, exercise regularly and get enough sleep.

The less stress the body has, the better it can respond to colds or flu infections. You should have this summer too go out a lot and go for fresh air and sun. These are all simple but effective ways.

You will never be able to prevent the infection with one hundred percent probability, but at the moment it can’t hurt to continue wearing a veil in the crowds and wash your hands regularly.

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