Day on June 14, 2022

Climate activist Luisa Neubauer has a A joke about eco-terrorism caused excitement and irritation. On the sidelines of the Copenhagen Summit on Democracy, an event to promote democracy in Denmark, she invited Instagram Video high, in which English is spoken about jokes about blowing pipes. “Of course we are thinking about how to blow up the longest oil pipeline in the world,” he says in the recording. He further explains that the EACOP pipeline is to be built in East Africa, which it will prevent. Environmentalists criticize the need for pipelines Thousands of families are gone. In addition, nature reserves would be attacked, the planned tube would lead through important areas for elephants, lions and chimpanzees.

Among other things, on Twitter Neubauer criticized for their choice of words. She responded to the tweet with the words: “Jesus Mary, This is a book.” She also published a film from the book “How to Blow Up a Pipeline” by Swedish author and climate researcher Andreas Malm, who A pioneer of the radical climate movement is applicable. In the book, but also in the interviews, Malm argues that sabotage is a logical form of climate activism. According to the daily “Bild”, Neubauer wanted to comment only on the planned pipeline project, but not on its statement.

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