Cranberries: Healthy fruits for the heart and brain

  • Cranberry: Healthy as a juice, but also as a fruit
  • Effect on the brain: The researchers achieved surprising results
  • Regular consumption Cranberries – positive for your memory
  • That’s it Cranberry study

Cranberries are sweet and tasty. Their health effects are well known. For example, cranberry juice is recommended for bladder problems, the fruit should be positive on heart affect and also Maintain a healthy gut flora. However, the new finding is surprising: Consumption of cranberries can help improve memory and brain function and reduce “bad” cholesterol levels, according to a new study from the University of East Anglia (UK).

Prevention of dementia with cranberries: How fruit affects your memory

The study shows that neuroprotective potential of cranberries. The research team looked at how eating a cup of cranberries a day can help you people aged 50 to 80 years affects health. The researchers paid special attention to the effects 12 weeks of cranberry consumption on Brain function and cholesterol levels in 60 cognitively healthy participants. Half of the participants were given lyophilized cranberry powder daily, corresponding to approximately 100 grams of fresh cranberries. The other half took a placebo.

sea Study author Dr. David Vauzour Already in previous studies it was shown that higher income Flavonoids (a type of polyphenol) through a diet with a slower decline in cognitive abilities and development of dementia related.

The study also showed that foods contained a lot Anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins contain that improve cognitive abilities. Anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins are, for example, in Berry contain and give them their red, blue or purple color, as stated by the author of the study. It also has fruit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and contains a large amount of important micronutrients.

LDL cholesterol and atherosclerosis: Cranberries protect you from clogged arteries

In addition to the positive development in the brain, study participants also demonstrated and significant reduction in LDL cholesterol levels to who is known arteriosclerosis Contributes – thickening or hardening of the arteries, caused by the accumulation of plaque that clogs the arteries.

Cranberry Powder on Amazon: Here you will find healthy berry-based products

Thus, cranberries contribute positively to the health of blood vessels and also improve cerebral circulation and cognitive abilities, the researchers write in their study.

In addition, independent research has recently found that and daily intake of cranberry powder can significantly improve cardiovascular function. To do this, the powder had to be used for only one month. Cranberries could also protect against cardiovascular disease.

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