Companies want to pay employees for travel expenses for abortions

Abortion rights activists march on Brooklyn Bridge on Friday night (local time) to protest Supreme Court rulings
Image: dpa

On Friday, the US Supreme Court overturned the liberal abortion law. People with disabilities can now only travel to countries where abortions are still legal.

ANDDue to widespread bans on abortion in a growing number of U.S. states, several large U.S. companies are offering their employees the option of reimbursing a trip to another state in the event of an abortion. Many corporations, such as the Starbucks coffee shop chain or the internet retail giant Amazon, have previously promised such regulation in view of the upcoming decision of the US Supreme Court.

After the Supreme Court actually overturned the country’s liberal abortion law on Friday, various other companies announced appropriate action. These include Walt Disney and the Facebook group Meta, according to the New York Times and NBC.

On Friday (local time), outdoor specialist Patagonia stated in an article on the online portal Linkedin not only the support of travel expenses to other US states. The company also undertook to pay any bail costs for employees who were arrested and peacefully demonstrated for “reproductive justice.” The Facebook group Meta, on the other hand, banned its employees from talking about a ban on abortion at work. In this way, a “hostile work environment” should be avoided.

The US Supreme Court overturned the Liberal abortion law on Friday. The Supreme Court has thus opened the way to stricter abortion laws – even outright bans. Following the controversial decision, several US states have already adopted far-reaching bans on abortion. Others may follow. Some states already have laws in place. Spontaneous protests against the court’s decision erupted in several American cities on Friday. More demonstrations were expected.

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