Combine vitamin D and vitamin B12: is it healthy?

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency develops slowly
  • Vitamin D deficiency: Many people suffer from deficits
  • Dietary Supplements: One can with tablets and powder prevent defects
  • Consultation with a doctor: Vitamins should always be taken in advance
  • Vitamin D and B vitamins: Should they combine?

Many many vitamins and minerals they are important substances for your health. Your body needs them for its functions. He can’t make them himself. Therefore, ideally you need to get them through food. A lot of people don’t know it, so they take it Dietary Supplements – often in tablet form – back. But not only can a deficiency be dangerous, an overdose can also cause damage. Therefore, you should always take it with your doctor clarify. The question also arises as to whether it is safe to combine different vitamins when taking them.

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D: They are so important for your body

Vitamin B12 it is of great importance, among other things, for hematopoiesis and nerves. In the absence of this vital vitamin too few red blood cells are formed. One can be here Anemia – also anemia called – develop. addition The vitamin protects our nerve cellsbecause it forms a nerve sheath. If there is a deficiency, it can lead to long-term and extremely painful nerve damage. AND Vitamin B12 deficiency but it occurs very slowly. Normally, the tanks are well filled for several years.

One of the main roles of vitamin D is for you bone health care. It’s for regulation calcium metabolism important and I am bone metabolism involved. Vitamin D, for example, also supports it immune system, muscles and hair. For most people, shortages are not a problem in the summer months. Vitamin D is called “sun vitamin”. We create it through skin, exposure to the sun.

However, there is a shortage in the winter, and since most people can’t handle it, Get enough important vitamins from your dietreach for dietary supplements.

Can I take vitamin D and vitamin B12 together?

First of all, it is Importantthat you don’t Dietary Supplements They should take it before you start with your your doctor spoke have. Because not just one Vitamin deficiency It can be dangerous, even one An overdose can have serious consequences for your health. Some vitamins can become toxic in high doses. This also applies, for example, to some dietary supplements, such as B vitamins.

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The question of whether you Take a combination of vitamin D and vitamin B12 you can, but the answer is easy: and. This is even recommended if you are deficient because the two vitamins complement each other. Income is even expected, especially for athletes combination for greater vitality. Therefore, combining vitamin D with B vitamins can increase your well-being and give you strength in your daily life.

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