Can the EU deal with new members at all?

Ukraine is now official Candidatealso in other countries membership is euphoric. The EU is not ready for new members at all.

It is now official: Ukraine and Moldova are candidates for EU membership. It is a historic step and also an important signal for Ukrainians and Moldovans: you belong to us. However, this is just the sign.

Because the real accession of Ukraine and Moldova is very, very far. The net status of a candidate for accession is not much more than a symbolic act;

Some Member States are now pushing for progress: Chancellor Scholz is campaigning for accession negotiations with Northern Macedonia, which has so far been blocked by Bulgaria. Austria is requesting candidate status for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania for Georgia.

Can the EU deal with new members at all?

Despite all the euphoria of membership, one question still arises: is the EU even able to accept new members? Because the Confederation of States, with its 27 members, is already lazy. Members cannot find common answers to many big questions and important projects drain away through years of negotiation processes. As regards, for example, the distribution of asylum seekers, the negotiations are so deadlocked that they are now based on the principle of voluntariness.

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