Butscha: 10 weeks after the massacre, other bodies were discovered near Kiev – politics abroad

That’s over ten weeks bloody massacre in Buch and others Ukrainian cities around Kiev.

But the tiring search for bodies continues. The helpless bodies of Ukrainian civilians are still appearing. Ruthlessly murdered by Russian soldiers.

The bodies of seven other civilians were found near Myrozka near Bucha on Monday.

They were “tortured by the Russians and then cowardly executed with a head shot,” said Kiev police chief Andriy Nebytov. Several of the victims found in the pit had their hands and knees tied.

Authorities are now working to “identify the victims”, according to the police chief.

Myrozke is about ten kilometers from Bucha and 35 kilometers from Kiev. At the end of April, three bodies with bound hands were discovered in the pit.

Karte / Map: Location of bodies in Myrozka, Bucha and Kiev - infographics

Bucha symbolizes the brutality of Putin’s troops in their campaign against Ukraine. The suburbs were under Russian troops for about four weeks before retreating at the end of March. After that, more than 400 bodies were discovered in and around Butsch.

► More than 1,500 people were found in the area around the capital Kiev after the withdrawal of Russian troops at the end of March. In total, at least 12,000 Ukrainian civilians died as a result of Putin’s offensive war.

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