Berlin supplies MARS II: The US has given another billion in arms supplies

Berlin supplies MARS II
The US is supplying another billion weapons

The new aid package increases the Pentagon’s total defense investment in Ukraine to $ 5.6 billion. In addition to the USA, Germany also wants to supply rocket launchers. It goes “to the limit,” says Defense Minister Lambrecht.

The US government has announced another $ 1 billion in arms sales to Ukraine. US President Joe Biden has announced new arms relief in Washington after a phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. In addition, the United States is providing the country with an additional $ 225 million in humanitarian aid, Biden said. The armament includes numerous heavy weapons, such as howitzers and multiple rocket launchers (the latter are bound by Ukraine’s commitment not to use them to attack targets in Russia).

The United States stands firm in Ukraine in its fight for freedom, Biden said. Since the start of Russia’s war on Ukraine at the end of February, the United States has promised or supplied $ 4.6 billion (4.42 billion euros) in weapons and equipment to Kiev. With the new commitment, the amount increases to 5.6 billion US dollars (5.39 billion euros).

In May, the US Congress cleared the way for more billion-dollar aid to Ukraine after the previous package of aid was almost exhausted. The new package, which President Joe Biden signed into force at the end of May, is worth almost $ 40 billion (€ 38 billion). Of this, $ 6 billion is earmarked for direct military assistance to Ukraine.

Lambrecht promises three MARS II systems

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has promised Ukraine rocket launchers and said they are on the verge of being possible. “Today (…) it has become clear how important it is for Ukraine to have long-range and accurate artillery weapons,” she said in Brussels. Therefore, they decided to hand over to Ukraine three MARS II systems from the Bundeswehr. These are not just rocket launchers, but also several hundred rockets and spare parts. In addition, training will be provided.

“It is important for me to take this opportunity to hand over from the Bundeswehr, but I am also going with it,” said the SPD politician. However, it is ensured that the Bundeswehr can guarantee the defense of the country and the alliance. MARS II can hit targets more than 80 kilometers away. “We are doing this together with our allies the United Kingdom and the United States. It is important that Ukraine is now supported quickly,” Lambrecht said.

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