“Belfast deals with Brexit”: Irish Prime Minister accuses London of “vandalism”.

“Belfast to deal with Brexit”
The Irish Prime Minister accused London of “vandalism”.

The British government likes to present itself as an advocate for Northern Ireland: Because the economy is said to be suffering from the Brexit agreement, the United Kingdom is unilaterally amending the treaty with the EU. The Irish Prime Minister disagrees and accuses London of “economic vandalism”.

Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin has warned the British government against using national legislation to undermine the Brexit agreements in Northern Ireland. In particular, London’s plan to allow standards for British and European products in Northern Ireland is “economic vandalism,” Martin told the BBC. Contrary to what London claims, Northern Ireland’s economy is coping very well with the agreed rules.

Last Monday, the government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced a bill to unilaterally amend the provisions of the Northern Ireland Protocol agreed in the Brexit Treaty. London wants to force Brussels to reopen the agreement, which was only agreed in 2019. The European Commission strictly rules out this and instead wants to negotiate solutions under the current agreement.

Among other things, London threatens to replace the controls on goods agreed in the EU Internal Market Protocol with voluntary regulation. In addition, the role of the European Court of Justice is to be drastically reduced. London also wants to keep a free hand on VAT regulation. According to a large number of experts, this would be a clear violation of international law. However, the government in London denies this.

The EU is launching infringement proceedings

The British government originally approved a protocol to prevent controls on the intra-Irish border, as this could jeopardize the peace process in the former troubled region. London is now arguing that the Northern Ireland Protocol is undermining peace in the region by paralyzing the country’s government.

The pro-British DUP party has been blocking the formation of the government in Northern Ireland for weeks and is demanding the repeal of the protocol. The European Commission on Wednesday launched infringement proceedings against London.

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