Before the G7 summit: several police buses destroyed in an arson attack

During the arson attack in Munich this morning, several federal police buses were mostly completely destroyed. No one is hurt. According to a police reporter BR, the damage should reach several hundred thousand euros.

Police teams’ buses burned down in Munich

The connection with the upcoming G7 summit has not yet been officially confirmed by the police, but it is probable. The uniformed vans were parked in the Haidhausen district near the Gasteig cultural center on a street in a specially established no-go zone – in front of the hotel where the rescue services for the G7 summit were staying. A total of eight team buses were destroyed. The fire started around three o’clock in the morning and the fire brigade quickly destroyed it.

Police soon became known for a possible perpetrator by helicopter, but were initially unsuccessful, the spokesman said.

The G7 summit begins on Sunday at Schloss Elmau

The G7 Heads of State and Government meet at Elmau Castle from 26 to 28 June at the invitation of Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD). Last weekend, confidential security documents were released on the “de.Indymedia” platform at the G7 summit in Elmau 2015. According to the Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD), this has no effect on current operational planning. Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) and a police spokesman said similarly.

There is currently no specific threat to the summit, Faeser stressed Monday. “Of course, we are seeing increasing activity in terms of clicking on websites for the G7 summit.” Activities can rather be expected from the left-wing extremist party. However, they are not excluded from the Corona protests in connection with the war in Ukraine.

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