Before the G7 summit: Eight police cars burned down in Munich – Munich

The longest day of the year is followed by the shortest night, this is always the case. But this time, the night of June 22 is especially short for many in Munich. At 3 o’clock in the morning, eight police vehicles were on fire on the Hochstrasse in der Au. Sirens wake the inhabitants from sleep, later the rumble of helicopters is added. When dawn and the first pictures are seen, the white fire foam contrasts with the black charred team buses. Burnt helmets and safety vests lie on the ground. Police are blocking the street, securing evidence, discussing. Everything points to arson. The fire broke out in several vehicles that did not stand directly next to each other.

Police spokesman Andreas Franken says: “Of course we assume this is a fire crime related to the G7 meeting, because the forces for this operation were here in Munich.” The summit of the leading Western economic powers, which is due to meet Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) at Elmau Castle in the Bavarian Alps on Sunday, will be hosted by a large number of police. There are always massive protests against the meeting of heads of state and government. The big demonstration is registered for Saturday in Munich. Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) only said on Monday that she did not see any specific threat to the summit. Federal riot police officers who lived in the hotel near the crime scene were also to go there.

Faeser said she expected activities from the left-wing extremist party, which, however, was not excluded from the Corona protesters even in connection with the war in Ukraine. Franz Haslbeck of the “Stop G 7 Elmau” protest alliance explicitly distanced himself from the alleged arson attack. He assumes that no organization from the alliance was involved, he told the German news agency. Haslbeck stressed that “Stop G7 Elmau” means a peaceful protest. Munich police suspect perpetrators of the left-wing extremist spectrum. The investigation is carried out by the Criminal Division 43, which is responsible for politically motivated crimes, with the support of fire experts from the Commissariat 13.

According to initial estimates, the damage is in the order of hundreds of thousands of euros. During the fire, which was first noticed by a hotel employee and which the firefighters quickly got under control upon arrival, the equipment of the vehicles was also destroyed. At least there was no injury. Locals report a crack, but it was only a flat tire.

The police are trying to clarify exactly how the perpetrators proceeded and where they fled. And he announces that he will take “appropriate measures” so that something like this does not happen again. “These are not pictures that the Munich police would like to see,” said spokesman Franken. “We will use this incident to increase the sensitivity of our forces. And this will, of course, be included in our police deployment tactics.”

The Munich fire is not the first incident related to the G-7 meeting at Elmau Castle. On Tuesday, dangerous manipulations with switchboards were known in the security area around the conference venue. Spots such as “Move G 7” and “No G 7” were also seen. In Munich, the corporate headquarters of the armaments group MTU in Allach was marked “Attack war profiteers”.

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