Battle of Snake Island – Ukrainians hit a Russian ship

At the end of May, Denmark agreed to deliver “Harpoon” missiles to Ukraine. They can be launched from ground-based mobile launchers and destroy targets up to 315 kilometers away – enough to keep Russian warships off the Ukrainian coast. According to naval expert Bryan Clark, 12 to 24 “harpoons” are enough to force the Russian fleet to leave the naval blockade.

Has Ukraine used Harpoon rockets for the first time?

However, it is not clear what weapons were actually used in the attack on “Wassili Beg”. Odessa’s military governor Maxym Marchenko initially spoke of the “Harpoon” missiles, but later changed his record on the Telegram. A video from a drone distributed by Ukraine shows two projectiles flying towards the boat from the left edge of the image and detonating:

Based on the speed of the projectiles, military expert Rob Lee assumes that they were fired from a Turkish-made Bayraktar drone. An attack using “Neptune” missiles of Ukrainian production also seems possible. In mid-April, Ukraine said it had used the anti-ship weapon to sink the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, Moscow. However, Ukrainian deliveries of “Neptune” missiles are said to be very limited.

The conquest of Snake Island would be of great symbolic value to Ukraine. It was “Moscow” at the end of February that took off the island and called on the defenders to surrender. They said, “Russian warship, shit!” The radio report was even printed on postage stamps, and the soldiers were later honored as “heroes of Ukraine.”

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