Attack in Afghanistan: Attack on the Sikh temple in Kabul

Status: 06/18/2022 10:40 AM

The Sikhs are a small religious minority in Afghanistan. Another temple in Kabul has now been attacked. According to the Taliban, at least two people were injured.

An Sikh temple was attacked in the Afghan capital Kabul. He heard explosions and gunfire from the temple, said Gurnam Singh, the leader of the religious community. According to that, there were about 30 people in the church at the time of the attack.

The attack was confirmed by a spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry. The attackers took part in a shootout with Taliban security forces, which injured two Sikhs. The wounded were taken to hospital. The attackers also threw a hand grenade, which set fire to the front gate. The attackers tried to drive the bomb into the temple, but the vehicle exploded a little further. The ministry spokesman did not provide any information about the perpetrators.

However, according to Reuters, two people were killed and seven injured. However, it is possible that the dead were attackers.

Many Sikhs are said to have left the country

The Sikhs are a small religious minority in Afghanistan with a Muslim majority. According to Reuters, there were about 300 Sikh believers across the country before the Taliban took power. In the meantime, however, most Sikhs have left the country.

In 2020, 25 people were killed in an attack on a Sikh temple.

Resistance against the Taliban regime

The Taliban are trying to create an international impression of security and stability in Afghanistan. However, international analysts and experts fear militant opposition to the Taliban government. In recent months, there have been repeated attacks and attacks by the “Islamic State” terrorist group.

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