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After a break of several months, Queen Elizabeth can once again devote herself to her greatest passion, horseback riding.  (photomontage, icon image)
After a break of several months, Queen Elizabeth can once again pursue her greatest passion. Your happiness lies on the horse. (Photomontage, symbolic image) © Steve Parsons / dpa / i Images / Imago

Queen Elizabeth II has been sentenced to sit in recent months. She couldn’t keep up with her favorite hobby, horseback riding, but the longing was obviously great. The British regent is back in the saddle.

Windsor – Queen Elizabeth II. (96) do not hide their love for horses. The most famous British horse fanatic spends as much time as possible with elegant four-legged friends. Horseback riding is one of her greatest passions.

Queen Elizabeth is back in the saddle after a medical break

The Queen Elizabeth II. she has repeatedly worried her compatriots in recent months. The monarch is facing health problems that have even resulted in a short hospital stay in the fall and some cancellations. Queen Elizabeth also had to give up her favorite activities on the orders of doctors, but lately she has been riding again recently.

A source from the palace told The Sun that the regent could ride a horse again on the grounds of Windsor Castle, which she should enjoy to the fullest. The ninety-six-year-old woman, despite her advanced age, has not been allowed to take excursions in the saddle in recent years.

She missed horses: Queen Elizabeth seems to be doing better

The queen missed her rides these nine months. […] After all the worries we had about her health, horseback riding is a wonderful sign again. Being able to do it in ’96 is quite remarkable, “pointed out the anonymous insider.

During her last meetings in Windsor, the 96-year-old girl looked fit and in a good mood again, which breathed the Royal fans off. Queen Elizabeth showed up at the receptions in the castle with a new hairstyle, she did not depend on her walking stick. Used sources: thesun.co.uk

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