Against hunger and climate change: protests ahead of the G7 summit

Status: 25.06.2022 17:51

Before the start of the G7 summit, several thousand people took part in the announced protests in Munich. The organizers expected more. It was said that many were disturbed by the Ukrainian war, but were “very satisfied.”

Several thousand people peacefully protested in Munich on Saturday against the policy of the G7 summit at Elmau Castle. According to the police, around 4,000 people took part in the rally and subsequent demonstrations, and according to the organizers, around 6,000 people. The protests took place under the slogan “fair is different”.

With the exception of two small incidents on the sidelines of the demonstration, it required no police intervention and was peaceful, a police spokesman said. At the end of the meeting, arrests were made in the Theresienwiese area, resulting in a brief confrontation between some protesters and the rescue services. Two officers were slightly injured, police said. However, the situation calmed down relatively quickly.

Home Secretary Nancy Faeser has previously called for non-violence. “I expect all the protesters to protest peacefully, not to harm anyone and not to destroy cars or shops,” Faeser told the t-online news portal. In recent years, there have been repeated riots and clashes between protesters and police around the G7.

Apparently there is no time for opposition

More than 15 associations and organizations called. The person who announced the gathering, Uwe Hiksch of Friends of Nature, said they fell far short of expectations. “We have the impression that many people are disturbed by the war in Ukraine,” Hiksch said. Especially in the red-green spectrum, which is usually mobilized for such a demo, there are many people today who have said, “Now is not the time to stand up to prime ministers.”

The activists were stunned at the beginning of the protest and surprised by the small number of participants at the beginning of the Theresienwiese rally. “We are disappointed,” said Andrea, 46, from Greenpeace in Hanover. There seem to be only organizations in place, but none of the population.

Thorben Becker, 50, from Berlin, who traveled to Bavaria to see the Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation, expressed a similar opinion. He would have hoped for more protesters, but there is currently no exciting topic like TTIP or Trump that can mobilize people. The war in Ukraine is bad and affects many people, but one feels that politicians are making a serious effort, he said.

To set an example for the desire for a different policy

The participants called on the heads of state and government of the G7 countries to resolutely fight poverty and end their dependence on oil, gas and coal as a result of the Russian war against Ukraine, and to take more action against the global hunger crisis.

A joint statement by the Alliance’s demo said that the colorful demonstration was “a clear sign of how strong many people’s desire for a fundamentally different policy is in the G7.” The G7 must “finally take decisive action against climate change, end the destruction of nature and fight hunger, poverty and inequality”. Demonstrators also called for an active peace policy. Significantly more funding is to be made available for crisis prevention, civil conflict management and development cooperation.

A three-day meeting at Elmau Castle

The G7 summit officially begins at Elmau Castle in Upper Bavaria on Sunday. The Heads of State and Government of the seven leading Western industrialized countries and some of the host countries will meet there until 28 June. In addition to Germany, the G7 also includes the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Japan.

According to the White House, US President Joe Biden has now left for Bavaria. Air Force One was to land in Munich late at night with the American president on board. From there, Biden wanted to fly to Elmau. Before the summit, Biden wants to hold bilateral talks with Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“Russia’s attack sets agenda for talks between heads of state and government,” Stephanie Stauss, BR, at the G-7 summit

Tagesschau, 25.6.2022, 20:00

Scholz: We can only overcome challenges together

Scholz has now formulated his agenda for the Elmau meeting: he wants to work with G7 partners to find a solution to the energy crisis and rising inflation. “Many things we buy have become more expensive. Food, but mainly energy prices. We notice that at the gas station we notice that when we have to pay the bill for heating. Fuel oil, gas, everything is much more expensive than a year ago. That’s why we have to prepare it, “Scholz said in his video message” Kanzler compact “.

Germany needs to agree with others on what needs to be done. “Because the challenges this new situation poses for all of us, we will only be able to overcome together.” Politically, you want to discuss it all internationally with the G7, Scholz said. It is a current crisis and a halt to man-made climate change by moving away from the use of fossil fuels. One of the tasks is to create a “climate club” in which countries that want to achieve this will work together.

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