After the dispute over Ukraine’s policy: the Italian Foreign Minister resigns from the party

Updated 22.06.2022 at 10:14

  • Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio resigned from the Five Stars Movement (M5S) after internal party disputes.
  • He justified his resignation by the party’s “ambiguity” regarding the Russian offensive war against Ukraine.

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Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio resigned from the Five Stars Movement after quarrels within his party. “Today, I and many other colleagues are leaving the Five Stars Movement. We are leaving what will no longer be the first force in parliament tomorrow,” the 35-year-old said late in Rome late Tuesday night.

His departure follows disputes between him and former prime minister and current chief of the stars, Giuseppe Con, due, among other things, to arms supplies to Ukraine. The air between the two politicians has been thickening for a long time. On Tuesday, Di Maio accused some of the star’s politicians of risking the country’s weakening.

Di Maio is said to support the political line taken by non-party Prime Minister Mario Draghi regarding the war in Ukraine. This made him unpopular with some of the stars. Conte, on the other hand, recently called for more weapons not to be supplied to Ukraine and instead relied on diplomacy.

Foreign Minister Di Maio wants to join the new party

Di Maio himself led the Five Stars Movement for almost three years from 2017 until he announced his resignation in January 2020. The often dissenting party against the establishment was then led by a temporary leader until Giuseppe Conte was elected the new chairman of the party in August after he resigned as prime minister in January 2021.

According to media reports, Di Maio now wants to take supporters of his camp from the Five Stars Movement with him to the new party Insieme per il futuro (Together for the Future). In order to establish this group of deputies in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, it must reach a minimum number of deputies. According to media reports, 60 star MPs have already promised him that.

The Five Stars movement has been the largest party in Italy’s bicameral parliament since the general election in 2018 and will co-rule in the cabinet of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s multilateral party. The party suffered a major defeat in the last municipal elections. (dpa / AFP / lh)

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