Africa, Middle East: Food prices could cause unrest in 11 countries

IAccording to the study, rising food prices could lead to social unrest in countries, especially in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Eleven countries that are net food importers or dependent on food imports that have become scarce, such as grain, are at particular risk, according to Allianz Trade credit insurance company in a study published on Tuesday.

These are Algeria, Tunisia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Turkey and Sri Lanka.

As a result, there is less risk of social conflict in countries such as Romania, Bahrain or Kazakhstan. The insurer also categorizes Saudi Arabia and China as vulnerable, although there is a slightly lower risk because both countries have stronger finances.

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The woman collects millet from the ground in bags thrown over South Sudan by the World Food Program (WFP).

In some countries, rising food prices could even lead to the overthrow of governments as in the Arab Spring, the insurance company warns. Even before the mass protests in several Arab countries at that time, food prices rose by 50 percent. Today, the price of wheat is even higher than in 2012. “If we do not feed people, we will fuel conflict,” Allianz Trade sums up the situation.

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