A private satellite is flying to the moon for the first time

Die NASA and the American Space Company Missile laboratory are preparing for a new lunar mission that could significantly advance the monthly survey. For the first time, a private satellite is used to explore the moon.

Approximately 25 kilograms heavy satellite called CAPSTONE performed by an American company Advanced Universe built in the state of Colorado. He should launch from New Zealand in an electron rocket on Saturday.

A new trajectory for “avoiding” traffic

While scientific goals are modest, a new method of transporting satellites is being tested orbit of the moon to maneuver. This is likely to become increasingly important in the coming years, as “OperationThe universe is becoming denser due to many satellites and space debris.

NASA chief engineer Chris Baker explained in an interview that NASA is always interested in new technologies growing traffic to become a champion near the moon. To get to about 3000 kilometers In order for CAPSTONE to enter the Moon’s distant orbit, it first flies Mileage 70,000 km far into space.

This is what the satellite trajectory should look like.

From here a satellite from gravity sun driven in an elliptical orbit toward the moon until it settles near the moon. According to Baker, this method could be used in the future commercial flights to the moon be used.

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