A mysterious light phenomenon in the sky inspires the New Zealanders

The strange spiraling light in the evening sky forces many New Zealanders to speculate about an alien visit. In fact, the phenomenon returns to completely earthly forces.

“It looked like a huge spiral galaxy just hanging in the sky and slowly drifting over it,” describes amateur astronomer Alasdair Burns, a phenomenon that excited Sunday night (local time) but also confused many people in southern New Zealand: “Really “It’s a very scary feeling,” Burns later told the Guardian.

Various causes of revelations have been discussed on social networks, from aliens through a black hole to a new kind of advertising in the night sky. However, the assumption that the lights in the sky came from a rocket test came closest to reality. These are “strange but easy to explain,” said physicist Richard Easther at the Guardian. According to him, the light phenomenon in the spiral is a side effect of the launch of the satellite into space.

“When the drive stage is dropped after the start, water and CO2 still come out of it, which together form a cloud that is illuminated by the sun,” Easther explains. “The satellite’s orbit and our relative position to the Sun created these absolutely insane clouds that could be seen from the southern islands.” According to Easther, the SpaceX rocket, Elon Musk’s, was responsible for the spiral light. SpaceX launched a satellite from the US state of Florida into Earth’s orbit on Sunday.

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