A Hollywood helicopter crashed, six people died

The cause has not yet been clarified: a helicopter crashed in West Virginia, killing all six passengers. The pilot may not have had any flying experience.

The helicopter used in the Hollywood blockbuster “Die Hard” crashed. According to the Daily Mail, all six passengers have died. The accident apparently happened at a historic aircraft operation in the US state of West Virginia.

It is not yet clear how the accident happened. That Wetter I guess it doesn’t matter, they said. The dispatcher reported that the plane was on fire when rescuers arrived. He said he had “never experienced an accident of this magnitude” in his 35 years in Logan County Emergency Management.

A pilot with no flight experience?

The helicopter was not only used in the movie “Die Hard”, but also in many series, such as “Baywatch”. The event’s website said that people with no flying experience could fly a N98F helicopter for $ 250 a seat. The officer confirmed that the crashed helicopter was tail number N98F. The helicopter was formerly used for tourist flights.

The plane that crashed was a Bell UH-1B helicopter, commonly known as the “Huey”. The model was manufactured in 1962 and used in the Vietnam War.

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