A flock of sheep with the symbol Z: a ​​mockery of a Russian propaganda video

The PR video shows a flock of sheep with a painted black Z – war symbol of Russia. Even the local media make fun of it.

Sheep as supporters of the war against Ukraine: The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Republic of Dagestan in the Caucasus drew attention to itself in a debatable PR video showing sheep on which the Z – symbol of war supporters is painted. According to press reports, the video appeared on the ministerial channel Telegram on Tuesday, but was deleted after the media coverage.

Most dead soldiers from Dagestan

You can see a flock of sheep moving from one pasture to another. All sheep have black Z painted on their fur. The Baza internet medium, where the video is still visible after the ministry deleted it, ironically commented on the unfortunate choice of sheep as a means of advertising the war: “Russian law does not allow us to make a joke about this video. “

According to national statistics, most Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine are from Dagestan. The regional leadership confirmed the deaths of about 150 Dagestans in the war. Unofficially, the numbers are likely to be significantly higher. Russia last reported its own losses at the end of March. The Ministry of Defense then reported the number of 1,351 dead. Kyiv is now talking about more than 30,000 fallen Russian soldiers. The information cannot be verified independently.

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