A clear statement from the Air Force chief – “Putin, don’t mess with us!” – Domestic politics

Hard announcement by the Bundeswehr to Vladimir Putin (69)!

Air Force Inspector General Ingo Gerhartz (56) warns the Kremlin dictator against attacks on NATO: “Putin, don’t play with us!”

“By 2030, Europeans will have 600 modern fighters in the Baltic Sea region. Then there are American planes, “Gerhartz told the Kiel International Seapowers Symposium. The top military officers handed over there on Friday.

The general warned NATO nations to use nuclear weapons in an emergency: “For credible deterrence, we need the resources and political will to introduce nuclear deterrence if necessary.”

Gerhartz calculated this: by 2030, NATO countries in the Baltic Sea will have 585 modern fighters. Gerhartz already includes the Finnish and Swedish air forces, although their membership is still hanging on the ropes due to the Turkish blockade.

Gerhartz received support from the EU member of the Bundestag and the chairman of the parliamentary group, Johann David Wadephul (59, CDU).

He demands: “The Bundeswehr must become the strongest conventional army in Europe!” At the same time, Wadephul invoked the unity of Europe: “There is no German-Russian policy, only a European one. There must be no special German route to Russia, “said Wadephul.

Johann David Wadephul (CDU)Foto: Kay Nietfeld/dpa

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Johann David Wadephul (CDU)Photo: Kay Nietfeld / dpa

Nuclear deterrence was also discussed. “Credible deterrence requires both the means and the political will to introduce nuclear deterrence,” said Gerhartz, who felt that politicians now understood it across party lines.

Plain text: When it starts to push, Germany will also use US nuclear bombs stored in Germany!

Background: Germany recently announced the acquisition of new F-35 stealth fighters. The aircraft are intended primarily to further enable nuclear participation.

Public secret: The US is storing about 20 B61 nuclear bombs at the German air base in Büchell. If war breaks out, nuclear weapons are to be reached in an emergency by German planes. Until now, multi-purpose fighters of this type have been used for this role Tornado intended. However, these aircraft have been serving soldiers since 1981 and are now urgently needed to be restored.

Top diplomat Christoph HeusgenFoto: picture alliance / AA

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Top diplomat Christoph HeusgenPhoto: alliance image / AA

Christoph Heusgen, a top diplomat and head of the Munich Security Conference, was also represented. As the chancellor’s right-hand man, he was considered a Merkel whisperer, and he was unusually clear of a top diplomat in Kiel.

Heusgen has no good word for Putin’s confidant and former Russian President Dimitri Medvedev (56): “Medvedev is a clown today, I’m sorry I have to say that.”