3 measures significantly reduce the risk of cancer in the elderly

  • “Do-Health” – Study running since 2012: work on the domestic department
  • reduce the risk of cancer: 3 measures to significantly reduce the risk in old age
  • Researchers suspect: The result can be passed on to younger people
  • Exercise, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D: The combination is very promising

A long-term study on reducing the risk of cancer in old age has now yielded promising results: the work of scientists Age researcher Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari of the University of Zurichplayed that a combination of three specific measures Reduce the risk of cancer in old age by up to 61 percent to be able. The researchers suspect that the results of the study can be applied to young people.

More than 2000 healthy study participants: Stunning results

Overall 2157 healthy study participants from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and Portugal, they trained slightly three times a week high doses of vitamin D and was with Omega-3 fatty acids if. It was already known before the study that each individual measure can have a slight impact on the risk of cancer in humans. To obtain accurate results, participants were randomly assigned eight groups allocated.

In the first group, participants took daily 2000 international units (IU) of vitamin D to him. A daily dose of 800 IU is usually recommended. Subjects also swallow daily 1 gram of omega-3 fatty acids and graduated light weight training.

The second group got just that Dietary Supplements without doing any sport. The third group received vitamin D and exercised, the fourth took omega-3 fatty acids and practiced strength training. Group 5 took only vitamin D, the sixth only Omega 3. The seventh finished exactly that power training. The eighth group served as control group and got only a placebo.

Cancer risk reduced by 61 percent: Great effect thanks to a combination of measures

Study participants were in and out each year great investigation completely checked. Only 81 participants According to the study director, cancer developed during the study period. and A combination of three measures has proven to be the most successful over the years Cancer prevention exposed.

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In the groups that completed only two measures, the risk decreased 44 to 48 percent. With only one measure during the study, the risk could increase 30 to 34 percent be reduced. In an interview with focus.de he explained Director of Studies Bischoff-Ferrariwhy these measures are key:

  • Vitamin D: The vitamin suppresses the development of cancer cells
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: Has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Physical activity triggers the death of cancer cells

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